I am a happy photographer!

Miguel Peral

I have all the dreams of the world on me! "Fernando Pessoa"

I was born in 1969, in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal. A town by the sea, with intense and deep smells and simple and smiling people! I lived in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Aljezur, Lagos, Cascais, Caldas de Rainha, Sintra, Porto, Viseu and finally (since 2008) in Maputo, Mozambique.

Throughout my life, as a result of living in different cities, I developed the ability to adapt and integrate, which, with my curiosity, transformed me into a “wanderer”, a traveler.

I was always connected to Marketing and Communication. I created campaigns, company images and developed company communication in Portugal and Mozambique. But I did not dominate photography, no matter how many photographs I took. In 2018 I changed that. In 2018 I changed my world!

My photographs portray both beautiful landscapes and everyday landscapes that we rarely care about, or arid landscapes, whose beauty is in the absence of beauty. Photographs of structures, framed in the rural landscape or in remote and scenic locations are also one of my reasons for choice.

Photography brought me much more than the simple pleasure of recording something beautiful or different. It allows me to meet (more) people and (many) absolutely fantastic places. Photography offered me, as never before, the possibility of helping and supporting others.

The truth is that photography is almost a state of mind, a moment of mine, but that soon afterwards allows me the pleasure of sharing, and, as "I have all the dreams of the world on me!" since I was a child, today I photograph, today I am a photographer, and tomorrow, and after...